Expert Webinar on Internal Renal Stenting

Pros & cons of internal renal stenting

“Ureteral stenting is a blessing, with a sensible and situation dependent choice of the right stent and an appropriate education of the patient.”

(Asst. Prof. MD Frank Strittmatter)

On September 21st, the time had finally come for our international expert webinar.

Around 80 participants from all over the world, including numerous doctors, were taken on a journey into the world of ureteral stenting by Asst. Prof. MD Frank Strittmatter.

First of all we learned about the history of ureteral stenting, which already started in 1871 with the placement of a simple tube into the ureter during open bladder surgery. After an exciting historical outline, we were told about the advantages and disadvantages of the various stent materials and the most important aspects in terms of biofilm formation.

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As additional service we summarized the most important aspects of the expert webinar for you.

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