HybridPRO® Technology

HybridPRO® Technology

in Ureteral Stents

      • Firm material at room temperature
      • Partial formation of the molecular chains
      • Improved linear and axial force transmission
      • Simplified positioning of the ureteral stents due to an improved linear and axial force transmission
  • Soft material at body temperature
  • Formation of the molecular chains is equalized at body temperature
  • Soft and flexible material in the urinary tract

Our mission: Reduce stent-related symptoms simply by design

  • UROTECH ureteral stents with HybridPRO® Technology
  • Stability during the positioning – Softness during the indwelling time
  • Up to 50% softer after 60 minutes at body temperature*


*Test report (7 FR White-Star). Medi-Globe Technologies GmbH. 2022. Daten in der Akte (PRB-1736)


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